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“While it can be the start of an exciting new chapter in your life, moving is often stressful…add kids, pets and a new city to the mix and it can be downright chaotic. Whether you’re relocating across town or across the nation, moving takes TIME…and lots of it. ”

Moving Out

We coordinate and plan all aspects of your move. TicToc Pack and Unpack will arrange for, and supervise, professional Moving Specialists, ensuring the careful and efficient packing of all the items in your home. Packing professionals with TIcToc Pack and Unpack can get your house safely packed.  It takes time to move out and we have experienced ladies who can take care of it all for you. Whether you just need the kitchen and breakables packed, or the whole house, we can save you time and reduce the stress of your move.

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Moving in

When arriving at your new location, we help resettle all your items, from unpacking and reorganizing, to removing boxes and lining shelves. Whether you like a little help with unpacking the kitchen or other parts of the home or the whole house unpacked, the ladies with TicToc Pack and Unpack can save you time and reduce the stress of setting up your new home.

Moving On

Allowing TicToc Pack and Unpack to plan, pack and unpack for your move reduces stress and saves you time. Take advantage of this freedom to go out and explore your new city and to meet the neighbors!

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Commitment. We pledge to save you time, with superior service, value, and quality.

Reliability. We complete every assignment, big or small, efficiently and promptly. Every time.

Hospitality. We consider you part of our company family and we want you to feel welcome.

Integrity. We know you put your trust in us and we value your confidence and your privacy.